We are cooler than cool, the pinnacle of what is "it". Beyond all trends and conventional coolness. Located at a lively place - Chaipatty, Indiranagar.



Our team of tattoo artists are trained professionals with decades of experience between them. We are passionate and care about what we do.



We use disposable kits and FDA approved inks to keep you safe, happy and smiling. You walk out only with cool tattoos and satisfaction. Guaranteed.

Awesome Tattoos. It'll blow your mind.

A wide variety of themes and styles to choose from. Sacred symblolism, tribal design, realism and color tattoos - take your pick. We have been there, done that. Take a look at our portfolio for more.


The best artists. See for yourself.

Our artists can take a concept sketch and turn it into a real piece of art. They continously challenge themselves to push the artform to new heights and achieve greater levels of perfection.

Not convinced? We are here to listen.

We like to listen and discuss with our clients about the tattos they want and how it fits their lifestyle. Tattoos are permanent - we set realistic goals and expectations as to how they will look over time. We care.